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Hotel Klammer's Kärnten • Familie Klammer
Dr. Zimmermannstrasse 9 • 5630 Bad Hofgastein • Salzburger Land • Österreich
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Mystical Hikes to Sites of Magnitude and Healing Waters

Sites of magnitude, these are places where you spontaneously feel at ease, places where something in you begins to resonate. Your life energy awakens, healing occurs, you feel inspiration, vastness and freedom. Places that flow and pulsate all around and inside of you.

Sites of magnitude identify themselves in nature as gently bubbling springs, joyfully rippling mountain streams, mighty waterfalls, enchanting glades, moss covered boulders or ancient trees. Oftentimes ancient and mystical stories of heroism, natural spirits and spiritual experiences surround these sites. Sometimes even a chapel is built or a stone is hewn.

The Gastein valley in Salzburg is exactly one of these regions. Savor in a mystical journey to sites of magnitude and healing waters.