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Gasteiner Thermal Water - Mystery of Nature

It´s obvious to look for the secret in the Gasteiner valley water. The thermal water itself is a miracle of nature. Its source is from within the mountains and has by itself the strength to reach the surface. A healing water would only do this when it is ripe enough. Our water has reached the stage where it can heal.

Be completely rest assured – everything is already prepared for you.

GREEN is the color of healing. There are places where one quits looking for that which
he lacks. At such places you become healed. Welcome to Klammers World of Well-being.


Elixirs and fountains of youth that assuage your pain!
For a better general wellbeing, more vitality and more of nature´s energy. This bath regenerates cells in a wholly natural way. The body´s defenses are mobilized and recovery through the powers of the human organism is set in motion.

One trial bath to enjoy - invitation on behalf the Klammer family.
Each additional Thermal Radon Bath  based on doctor´s prescription.