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Hotel Klammer's Kärnten • Familie Klammer
Dr. Zimmermannstrasse 9 • 5630 Bad Hofgastein • Salzburger Land • Österreich
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Wellness oasis - Invitation to Well Being

Just like a view of the mountains or of the sea, a room should draw strength into it and stimulate the human self healing power. The unique thing about the new wellness department at Klammers Kärnten Hotel is the philosophy behind a new site of magnitude.

A round of innovative creative specialists, aesthetic psychologists and earth energy specialsts working with the architect have brought to life the vision of the Klammer family – the creation of a site of magnitude for the individual. Peter Frank and Therese are distinguished earth energy specialists who have perceptively integrated the miracle of nature into the hotel.

Just as acupuncture allows energy to flow again in people, such is the effect of geomancy on nature.

Sauna 95°C

Sweat regimens in appropriately equipped rooms is a tradition dating back a thousand years.  The Greeks and the Romans themselves made use of the healing effects of sweating. Today we recognize sauna baths as a form of sweating handed down by the Finnish where a wooden cabin maintains a high temperature and low humidity. How hot and how humid depends on where you are sitting. On the upper bench it is anywhere from 70 to 90 degrees with a humidity of 5 to 10%. On the middle bench, 60 to 70 degrees with a humidity of 10 to 20% and on the lower bench 40 to 60 degrees with humidity levels at 20 to 40%.

Steam Room 55 °C

For those who find the classic Finnish sauna too hot or too dry, the steam room is an ideal alternative. With a temperature of approximately 60° C and regulated humidity of max. 55% you´ll find an especially preserving and non-irritating environment to relax and feel at ease in.

Steam Bath 45 °C

The steam bath has an age old history. The Greeks knew it as the "Sudatorium" and it was a central part of Roman bathing culture. Through the Romans it made its way to the east where the Turkish steam bath still survives today.  As you can see the steam bath is loved, but it is also healthy. It is a comfortable sweat bath, similar to a sauna but it has a completely different climate.  It isn´t as hot and it´s much more humid. The effects though are similar to that of the sauna. Many guests consider the lower bathing temperatures between 43-46 °C and the relative humidity of near 100% the perfect conditions for relaxing. 

Infrared Cabin 40 °C

To healthily sweat in an infrared cabin is an excellent way to eliminate a variety of bodily limitations.In the infrared cabin a higher amount of calories are burned while burdening waste materials are released. Now your body can breathe once again. A strong energy current is the key to disintegrating inhibiting tensions and disharmonies. A targeted blood circulation boost through the use of infrared on the back releases a cocktail of chemicals which puts your body into a state of comfortable well-being. 


The Alpha Lounger allows you to draw new strength, generates a positive flow experience and facilitates mental journeys to internal sites of strength. It heightens creativity and stimulates your imagination, allows room for inspiration, provides a sense of security and induces pleasurable body states right up to weightlessness. You´ll be thrilled!